March 8, 2010

Playing It Safe in Las Vegas

We’ve all heard the saying – “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas…”

However, some of the things that happen in Vegas seem like they wouldn’t make for all that interesting a story. I am sure there are plenty of crazy escapades that actually do end up with a tiger, an abandoned baby and Mike Tyson singing Phil Collins, but the vast majority of interactions with Vegas nightlife – mostly jungle cat free, I’m hoping – seem to be not all that interesting to talk about.

Take for example this YouTube video about the “hot, happening” LAX club:

Maybe once you get inside the happening club, there will be excitement enough to last a lifetime, but I can’t imagine that waiting in line will give you one those classic stories that your friends will be asking you to tell again and again. (“Joe, tell Charlie the one about the time that guy in front of you on line couldn’t remember the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ and you silently laughed to yourself.”) If that’s how you want to spend your Vegas vacation, by all means – but it’s not getting me on the phone with my travel agent to book that next flight to Nevada.

Then again, maybe the safety of the casino encased velvet ropes are where you want to be, lest you end up dead. Poor Becky Longhoffer never left Las Vegas after an attempt to cross the Strip back in 2003. Seems she stepped off of a traffic island and onto a cast-iron plate which was covering electrical wiring and, due to an unexpected rainstorm, water had collected on top of the metal… and the result? A one-in-a-million electrocution.

If you were going to beat the odds in Vegas, this was not the way to do it.

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