March 30, 2010

Who's That? - Episode IV, A New Hope

People, people... you're all letting me down.

Well, not all - Hoopachoo is doing his part by humiliating himself with horribly wrong guesses after a shocking upset early on in this trivia battle. In many ways he's the Northern Iowa of this blog, but at least he's putting himself out there for all to see.

Come on folks! Post those guesses! Prove to me I have the smartest readers in all of blogdom.

Anyway, here's the answer to yesterday's "Who's That?" -

Stay back, clown!

It's the brother of Carol Anne from Poltergeist who apparently has survived whatever "curse" surrounded the making of the series of ghost stories and is a live and well today.

OK, buddies... today we have another child star "all growed up" - one whose identity might be a little easier to suss out - but who knows? Only time will tell. Can you tell me the name of this fellow's most famous co-star from the days of his youth?

1 comment:

  1. Overthinking 101: Hmmm...this one you labeled "TV" as well as "Movies", so I'm thinking it's a TV show. This guy looks to be about mid to late 20's, so I'm going to say a show from the 80's. He was probably anywhere from a toddler to ten years old, but I'm guessing somewhere in the 4-6 range, so he is too young, and his hair is not curly enough to be Meeno Peluce. He had a co-star that was clearly someone (or thing) that was way more popular and well known. He appears to be somewhat short, or this photographer has issues with headspace and/or cropping. Hmmmm... Clearly his most famous co-star was Joan Collins and this is the actor that played Fallon Carrington and Jeff Colby's son, Little Blake, AKA LB.