February 1, 2010

Brees-ing Past the Truth

Not that I planned on making this a daily blog against Fox News, but they make it so darn easy. Take a close at all those "poor Saints fans" who suffered the most in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Fox couldn't even be bothered to get enough "B-roll" to fill this entire interview, or perhaps this was all the footage that could be found that "fits" their intended demographic? You be the judge...

Describe what it's like for the people there... just be sure not to show them on air!


  1. A little sympathy please, AJ. Those folding chairs went through a lot during Katrina. The stories they could tell. And you think these fine ladies had their hair highlighted during those dark days? Good thing the fans had the strength and the wherewithal to afford tickets to Saints games and for their glorious Budweiser.

  2. Considering Fox "News's" history with B-roll footage, that's probably footage of fans attending a Sienna Saints game during March Madness.