February 25, 2010

Seriously, Neighbor?

The wheels on the bus don't go nowhere...

So, it's snowing AGAIN here in South Jersey. We've already had a Yao Ming's-worth of accumulation this winter, so why not shoot for Suleiman Ali Nashnush-ian heights.

Anyway, the weather forecast said we'd get snow from late last night all the way through Friday afternoon, and when I woke up this morning, there were three inches on the ground already and all schools had long since been declared closed. Now, because we have such a long driveway, my wife and I make sure to move our cars all the way down to curbside at times such as these to allow us to "escape" with a minimal amount of shoveling once the storm passes. Solid suburban strategy learned over time...

Now, across the street from us lives the local school bus driver and apparently, last night she decided to park the yellow beast ON THE STREET. Why did she do this? I mean, seriously! Either it was not going to snow enough to cancel classes, and she'd have no trouble getting the bus out of her driveway, or it would snow so hard that her services would not be needed.

All she's accomplished now is to provide a huge obstacle for the snowplow when it comes down our street. Now, my driveway is going to get further blocked in because of the re-direction of the plow. Not only that, but because of where she's parked, her bus is now going to be wedged in even more than if she'd simply left it in her driveway in the first place.

Thanks a lot, neighbor! Brilliant move!

How's the weather up there, Suleiman?

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