February 16, 2010

What About Me?

I think Betty White is quite funny, and yes, it would be lovely to see her host Saturday Night Live - an honor that is well past overdue. But does someone of her stature really need a grass roots campaign to attempt to make it happen? She has an agent. She knows how to work a phone.

What about me? I performed improv comedy just like most of the current cast of the show- in New York City, no less. That makes me far more qualified to host SNL than many of the sports figures and politicians who have painfully meandered their way through 90 minutes of lousy cue-card reading with nary a chuckle to be heard from the live studio audience along the way.

So let's make it happen, folks!

Click on this link, join the cause and then spread the word to as many friends as you can, asking them to do the same. If Facebook can give a random dung beetle its 15 minutes of fame by comparing it favorably to Glenn Beck, certainly we can make me a household name by the end of February, can't we?

Thanks in advance,


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