February 19, 2010

Are You Stupid?

Normally, I like athletes to be gracious and humble when they are interviewed after a big victory. I have no interest in hearing any trash talking and "look how great I am" or even the old tired cliche "Nobody believed in us and we shocked the world!"

I also don't like when athletes decide not to talk at all. After all, dealing with the media is part of the job. Do it, and be polite about it. However, in the case of Sven Kramer, I'm fully behind his being discourteous to the NBC reporter interviewing him right after he won the gold medal in speed skating.

She apparently wanted Kramer to state his name and medal won in order to ID the tape and the Dutch athlete took this to mean she had no clue who he was or even why she was interviewing him. And I tend to agree with his assessment. After all, how hard would it have been for her to simply say, "I'm here with Sven Kramer, who just won gold in the Men's 5000..."

See for yourself below, as he recounts the tale in a interview for Dutch TV.

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