February 15, 2010

"Hello, Pot. It's Me... Kettle."


Just throwing this out there...

Dick Cheney has been quite vocal lately, appearing on TV and in print, telling all who will listen that he is convinced there is a high probability that another 9/11-style attack is surely forthcoming, and that it is "dead wrong" to think otherwise. He further focuses blame on the current administration, stating that Obama's policies increase the attackers' chances of a successful attack.

In other words, Cheney is imploring the American people to get on board with the idea that there needs to be a change in leadership in our country, lest there will be some sort of nuclear attack that claims the lives of millions of innocent citizens.

So what is terrorism, Mr. Cheney? Certainly flying planes into buildings qualifies as a terrorist act, but the definition of the word is not exclusive to actual violence. Terrorism can also be verbal threats intended to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

You know, like someone who might be thinking of mounting a 2012 presidential campaign trying desperately to scare the electorate into thinking he's the only one who can save them from getting nuked.

"Vote for me, or you will surely die!" That slogan will look good on a button, don't you think?

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