January 29, 2010

Take That, James Carville!

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but really Mr. Hannity? THIS is the best you can do in terms of supplying your viewers with the best political commentary around? What's the matter? Was the Chocolate Rain guy busy? Did Chris Crocker not want to scream "Leave Barack Alone!" for you?

1 comment:

  1. I saw this on at a bar last night while having dinner and I wanted to go over and shut off the TV. Even though the sound wasn't on, I couldn't keep myself from looking over there, even though college basketball was on next to it. I couldn't even hear it and I was getting mad.

    I can't believe they're pandering to this wannabe actress/model. She probably only "abandoned" Obama to get the publicity.

    I'm sure we could criticize Fox "News" daily, but it might take years off of our life spans.