November 4, 2009

Lady Medusa

Normally, we’d pass a story like this off as either a savvy media hoax, a clever ploy to stonewall future paparazzi efforts by a celebrity, or perhaps some combination of the two. However, in Lady Gaga’s case, we’re pretty sure she’s actually responsible.

From the official obituary of photographer A.J. Sokalner: "(He) collapsed minutes after entertainer Lady Gaga arrived at the ACE Awards, an event hosted by the Accessories Council at Cipriani, a restaurant on 42nd Street.”

Is Lady Gaga truly a modern-day Gorgon in disguise? You be the judge. Here’s what she was wearing… gaze upon it if you dare!

1 comment:

  1. Was she sponsored by the "Spooky Gift Basket Association of America?" If so, boffo placement.