November 12, 2009

Dr. Bunsen Honey-don't

When will high school principals learn that if they want something to go away, they need simply ignore it? With all the future Columbines lurking out there in the world, is it the worst thing for your student body to blow off a little steam by pretending to be Muppets?

According to the Salem News, Danvers High School Principal Thomas Murray, has threatened to suspend students caught “meeping” in school. Automated calls were made to parents, warning them of the possible punishment after administrators learned that students were conspiring online to “mass-meep” in one part of the school building.

“So why didn’t your son get into Harvard, Mrs. Pompington?”

“Well, despite straight A’s and a perfect SAT score, he once said ‘Meep!’ to his best friend in the hallway between classes and got kicked out of school.”


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