November 16, 2009

Four Aces

For those who may not have known this to be true, one of my hobbies is that of the cruciverbalist. In other words, I make crossword puzzles and have been published in several newspapers and magazines. Here’s a sample of a sports-themed puzzle I created in 2008. (Keep that in mind when solving.) Feel free to print it out and give it a try.

For those of you in the market for a cruciverbalist, or perhaps you just might want to purchase a personalized puzzle of your very own - they make lovely holiday gifts – get in touch with me via the comments and we’ll discuss.



1. Famous whale hunter

5. Alice in Chains song

10. Fed. agency involved with 19-across

13. Nordique Alain

14. Like a beaver?

15. Hamm and namesakes

17. NL ace

19. Bullets and such

20. NBA MVP born in Africa

21. Jets' Pro-Bowler Walker

23. Tiger's favorite beach?

26. Italian city

28. Home of Nadav Henefeld

29. Olympic medalist Hemmings

30. Letters on the Enterprise

33. Athletes from Fairfield

34. Shane MacGowan, for one

35. Animation sheet

36. Sits in the sun

37. LA's Home ___ Center

38. Sportswriter Phil

39. Not even

40. HUD and State, for two

41. Command to Fido?

42. Keanu in the Matrix

43. River of Finland

44. Puerto Rican pop group

45. Famous lake monster

47. Tarzan, for one

48. Paperboy

50. "___ safe?"

51. Where to find Miners

52. NL ace

58. Reason for a shower?

59. Nevada resort

60. Like Michael Phelps?

61. Where to watch the wildcards?

62. They may help keep your pants up

63. Way to move down the road?


1. Wolfpack's group

2. Ad __

3. Major tennis equipment supplier

4. Part of a referee's equipment

5. Nickname for Bobby Heenan

6. Sworn promise

7. Sound heard after a tackle?

8. Hawaiian souvenir

9. Brings to light

10. Accumulate a large amount

11. NL ace

12. Hall of ___

16. Alternative to duck?

18. Big chunks of hay

22. ___ Kleine Nachtmusic

23. Dumars, once

24. Where Les Bleus play

25. NL ace

26. Stray, perhaps

27. Lilies of Utah

31. Orlando

32. Former Trailblazer Johnson

34. Sponsor of the Av's home

37. Cookies and cakes

38. December houseguest, perhaps?

40. Former MLB-er Relaford

41. Dark brown-gray color

44. Preps the potatoes

46. Awards show hosted by Timberlake

48. Gist of the problem

49. Louisiana, en francais

50. Breakfast chain

53. Baker-Finch

54. Part of a dance step?

55. Companion grp. of 10-across

56. Rival of Singh

57. "The Science Guy"

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