November 5, 2009

Is This Your Card?

I had a weird dream on Tuesday night.

I was in attendance at a performance by Derren Brown, who approached me with a deck of cards, each of which had been ripped into quarters. He asked me to grab a portion of a card, look at it, remember it, and then replace it in the deck.

He then attempted to “read my mind” and guess my card, and I could feel myself falling under his spell, and was about to unintentionally give away the identity of the card –he read me perfectly and knew it - was a diamond- but I caught myself and started to give him misplaced signals. As such, he couldn’t figure out what card I had chosen. He started to get angry – furious! I had ruined his simple parlor trick and he wasn’t going to stand by idly and let me get away with it…

And then I woke up, still keeping the image of the Queen of Diamonds in the forefront of my memory…

Flash forward to Wednesday when I went to my DVR to catch the episode of ABC’s Flashforward that I had time-shifted the week before. In one scene, a character performs a simple magic trick for his son, handing him a deck of cards, and asking him to pick one and remember it. I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach and sure enough, the kid selects the Queen of Diamonds.

Needless to say, I was considerably creeped out.

Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, I was not in possession of the winning lottery numbers, stock tips, or anything else that I could envision as being a psychic message from the future… in fact, I really didn’t remember anything in particular about my own personal nocturnal cinema.

But I promise I’ll keep on dreaming, and I’ll let you guys know if anything turns up. And as for you Derren Brown – keep your distance!

The card trick starts at 5:40.

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