October 29, 2009

What Up With This?

OK. This is either the worst SNL skit ever… or perhaps the best. I haven’t yet decided. A little help?


  1. To answer your question - any sketch featuring Kenan Thompson as the lead is tied for first in the "Worst SNL Skit" ever competition. Having said that, I found myself vaguely offended at first, and laughing by the end, in spite of myself.


  2. I think if you were having a few "adult beverages" this might have been the best skit ever. However, if you weren't.....

  3. Given the amount of turkeys that SNL has produced in the last 35 years, this one, amazingly, didn't turn out to be one of them. I had a general idea where it was headed, and it kept twisting where it was going... overall good job - I watched it all and laughed as well.