October 16, 2009

Is Terry Gilliam Nostradamus?

Are we headed for a global plague? Is this swine flu about to destroy the human race?

Probably not, but I couldn’t help notice the similarities between the “Balloon Boy” story yesterday and the movie 12 Monkeys. In that film, Bruce Willis goes back in time to find out how to stop a killer virus, and one of the key events that earns him the trust of the psychiatrist who thinks he’s nuts is his remembering the case of young Ricky Neuman.

All of the country was listening to the saga of the poor boy believed to have fallen down a well, but when Willis’ character hears the story on a news report, he remembers that the boy was found safe and sound, hiding in a barn. A few weeks later, the plague emerged.

Of course, the other pivotal event in the timeline of the film was the mass release of animals from the Philadelphia Zoo. So, as long as that doesn’t happen, I think we’re all good. I mean, seriously, animals getting released from a zoo? That’s not possible in this day and age. Right? Authorities wouldn’t be worried about such a thing taking place, would they?

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