October 13, 2009

"My Fake Obituary"

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday… I was too busy mourning the death of Zach Braff, star of Scrubs.

Of course, he wasn’t really dead. No, somebody simply went to the trouble of creating a fake CNN web page that broke the “news” that Braff’s body had been found next to an empty pill bottle, the victim of an apparent suicide. And of course, a few thousand “tweets” later, and the lie became the truth.

That is, until the non-corpse in question got wind of the news, and then had the difficult task of breaking it to his fans that the rumors were sadly, not entirely accurate:

This whole thing got me thinking… Zach Braff, Jeff Goldblum, Eminem, Sinbad, Will Ferrell, Paris Hilton… with all of these internet death hoaxes springing up, I wonder who will be the next target of the erroneous online obituary onslaught. While I would be completely uncomfortable participating in a “Dead Pool” – the negative karma associated with something like that is not something I’d want bouncing back my way – a “Not-Dead Pool” doesn’t bother me nearly as much. After all, nobody truly gets hurt – except the gullible fan who believes everything that gets forwarded their way via e-mail.

So, gang. Who is going to be the next victim of a widely-publicized prank like this one? Carrot Top? Madonna? Scott Baio? Susan Boyle? Ellen Pompeo? Tom Hanks? Jon from Jon and Kate?

Post your guesses below!

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  1. Next fake one? Hmmm...I'm gunna go with Stephen Dorff. Just because, well, he's Stephen Dorff.