March 2, 2011

Idol Chatter - The Boys

Not that anyone should care what I think, but then again -- you did come to my blog, so maybe you do care what I think.

Here's who I think should advance from the Top 12 Guys, into the final round of American Idol. This is not who I expect to advance -- heavens knows, we've seen our share of Sanjayas somehow, inexplicably last all the way to the final five. There's bound to be a shocker in there somewhere. 

But, based solely on the merits of the single song they performed this week, here's my choices:

The best of what's left, at least for now...

The first four in are Casey Abrams, Brett Loewenstern, Scotty McCreery, and Paul McDonald. 

It should be noted that I cannot stand most country music (Scotty) and I despise Rod Stewart (Paul) but that doesn't mean I can't recognize when a song is sung well. I'm not going to simply regurgitate "It wasn't your best for you for me" just because I didn't dig the song choice.

As for the fifth guy, it's between James Durbin and Jacob Lusk. I could see this one going either way, and the odd man out, assuming I get the rest right, is probably getting a Judge's Wildcard ticket anyway... 

On to the ladies...

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