March 10, 2011

Captain Crazy Coat In Trouble

I don't need you now...
Idol's "Top" 13 sang last night, and one of my audition-episode favorites -- I use the term loosely, since it is kind of like having a favorite dental implement. It's still painful, only a tad less so -- was in a word, awful.

Paul McDonald, what happened? Given the choice to essentially sing any song in the world, so long as you could spin some fable about how the artist who sang it (even if it were a cover version) meant the world to you, he chooses a Ryan Adams song? Not Canada's own Bryan Adams, but Ryan Adams. 

In and of itself, that's not a bad thing, but when singing for votes, choosing an obscure artist is strike one. Strike two? Picking a song few people have heard before. Strike three? Selecting a ditty with the following chorus: 

Come pick me up - Take me out - F*%# me up - Steal my records - Screw all my friends - 
They're all full of S&^! - With a smile on my face - And then do it again - I wish you would 

If he's eliminated before he gets to torture my eardrums with that omnipresent Lady Antebellum piece of a Ryan Adams chorus... I'll never forgive Captain Crazy Coat. As it is, he's likely to be in the bottom three with Diva-ster Ashthon and Haley the Yodeler.

The Bicycle Man Cometh
As for who goes home? It all depends how many tweens aren't scared off by his Gordon Jump on Diff'rent Strokes vibe. You know what I mean...

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