April 22, 2010


Here are your Answers!

1. "Please think about the people in this country." - Lou Gehrig's famous farewell speech transforms into something a lot less apt to sound good echoing through a silent Yankee Stadium.

2. "There are financial consequences, hearing and language means at the game console." - Somehow this is what became of Allen Iverson's diatribe on practice. Somehow it still all comes down to money with him.

3. "Games! Speak of - game gone riding, right? Note - 'seats of hair and heat'! Hope to win every race! Games!" - As was correctly guessed by commenter Ccgurrola, this is Jim Mora's high-pitched commentary on playoffs. Well done! I'm not sure how a little of Herm Edwards slipped in there doing the process: "You hope - to win - every race!"

4. "We will appeal process, but with hope ... Mensiummu now!" - I didn't think anyone would get this one, and I was right. This is actually what a tipsy Broadway Joe said during a sideline interview with ESPN's Suzy Kobler, asking for a smooch. Seems a lot more angry here, don't you think?

5. "I think you think? I think? I check? Finally, in the first three pages, please contact the winner!" - This was Tommy LaSorda's curse-filled rant after being asked what he thought of Dave Kingman's performance after the slugger hit three home runs.

6. "It is not." - Although not much less ambiguous, thank goodness Shoeless Joe was a little more positive when he whispered in the cornfield, or else we never would have had a movie.

7. "Tuesday the price ... Mecca working! You! Yanko success." - I had to laugh out loud as I watched the radio call of the Mets winning Game 6 of the 1986 World Series -- "Rounding third Knight, the Mets will win the ball game. Unbelievable! The Red Sox in stunned disbelief!" -- somehow become all about the Yankees.

8. "I love Moses Code, some group of people Dilantunkan." - Song lyrics oftentimes make no sense, but I think I like the start of The Joker better in its original form. At least Maurice is easier to sing than Dilantunkan.

9. "Eat!" - This is Mrs. Garrett screaming "Tootie!" Apparently, all she wanted was for the girl to get off her roller skates and have a sandwich.

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