April 14, 2010

Everybody Loves Hugo

The episodes are winding down, and the action is heating up on Lost. Last night's episode was yet another perfect example of why this show has been such rewarding viewing over the years.

Yes, most people are looking for "answers" - and we got at least one more of those, as it was confirmed that the whispers we've been hearing in the forest since Season 1 are in fact the voices of trapped souls who can't leave the island. However, none of that really matters at this point... because it's all about establishing characters that you care about, so that we actually care about whether or not they survive.

Hurley is one of those characters, like Shakespeare's Falstaff, who you just love in spite of his faults. And now, as the show comes closer to wrapping things up, he remains at the emotional core of Lost, and the voice of the viewer.

Libby hasn't been on the show in several years, and yet, from the moment she appeared on screen, one couldn't help but root for her and Hurley to reconnect. And by having created characters with such emotional identification with the audience, no dialogue was needed to create the tension when Michael first appeared in the island's graveyard.

I will miss Lost when it goes.

FlashForward has an interesting plot, but the characters seem distant and disposable. V is simply unwatchable, as the stereotypes banter about while waiting for the next action sequence. Fringe has some solid acting, but strays too much into the "monster of the week" territory that ruined The X-Files.

After Lost is over, who will be able to fill Hugo Reyes' shoes? I'm not sure anyone can - after all, those shoes are awfully big.

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  1. If you need a big fat person, I'm pretty sure Rosie O'Donnell is available. See also: Kirstie Alley. See also: John Travolta's rotting corpse.