April 16, 2010

Fat Guy Celebrates!

I was reading the blog of a friend of mine, Shawn Peters, and his rant on the upcoming Karate Kid "remake" when I read the following comment "Look, I'm happy to look past small inaccuracies and plot holes if I enjoy a movie. We all know that someone must have batted out of order in 'Major League' to get Jake Taylor up to bunt in the 9th. Whatever."

That made me harken back to what I consider one of the most glaring continuity errors I've ever seen in a legitimate Hollywood movie - not so worried about those mistakes on SyFy's monster of the week fare. I call it "Fat Guy Celebrates." Watch at around the 2:16 mark for the grey sweaty guy jumping on the field in front of Rene Russo... and then watch behind her a few seconds later when she takes the field herself, just before the credits roll.

You mean to tell me nobody noticed this?

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