April 16, 2010

Is There a Use for Housewives?

Real? Or just real awful?

So I happened to catch an episode of Real Housewives of New York last night, and here's my review: "Real" must be a synonym "psychotic."

Here, in a nutshell, is what I gleaned was the plot: Redhead housewife is angry with "Martha Stewart's Apprentice" contestant housewife because MSA only sent flowers when she learned that Redhead's husband had cancer, and never followed up with a "How is he?"

MSA argued that she saw Redhead was busy traveling to events all over the country and therefore, things couldn't be that bad with her husband, and besides, she e-mailed a "How is he?" but got no reply.

Redhead wants none of this, and says their friendship is through... but Ditzy Blonde Housewife invites MSA to a "get-together" where she knows Redhead will be, but doesn't tell Redhead, nor "The Countess" the alpha-female of the group. Redhead claims to be ambushed by the meeting... because she was not prepared for such an intrusion, despite the camera crew already following her around 24/7.

Things seem to be somewhat progressing between MSA and Redhead, until the Countess comes in and says the meeting is over, as she's ordered a car service to help she and Redhead make a getaway.

MSA leaves, and immediately the Countess harangues Ditzy Blonde for her part in such a horrible, life-altering, psyche-scarring event as was attempting to get two former close friends to reconcile -- all this, as grainy video footage of a previous season shows us, was exactly the same thing the Countess had done faced with similar group in-fighting in the past. Apparently, when she does it, it's not an "ambush" but rather, "common decency."

Next week: Ditzy Blonde is now on the outs with the Countess and Redhead. Will Fashion Model Housewife save the day? Tune in, or don't...

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