January 28, 2010

Eating Your Cake?

Here's another example of what is horribly wrong with pundits who are so entrenched in their political position that they can't simply admit when they are wrong and apologize - rather, these spin doctors simply pull a complete 180 and argue the exact opposite of what they've been espousing and continue to claim moral superiority.

Take the case of Ellie Light. This was a letter writer to the editorial page of many newspapers who claimed in each case to be a local resident and was veyr much an ardent supporter of Barack Obama and his administration. And of course, the "fair and balanced" view was very much neutral in accusing the White House of being behind this nefariously subversive and clearly underhanded tactic.

After further investigation, it came out that Ellie was not a woman at all, but rather a man who simply didn't want his real identity revealed and who wanted to get his pro-Obama message to the world. So was there a big mea culpa from the conservatives? Of course not... instead, you got statements like "Obama's so hard up for advocates these days that this is the best he can do" and a puff piece that mentions in passing in the last two seconds that the Obama White House had nothing to do with this. No really, knowing why the reporter's kids were not at school that day was clearly more important to report on than correcting your false accusations.

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