January 27, 2010

"YOU LIE!" Redux?

I'm looking forward for tonight's State of the Union address... but not for anything President Obama will say. After all, we pretty much know what is going to be in his speech - the economy still needs work, we need to create more jobs, bipartisanship is now more important than ever, health care reform has to be passed - I highly doubt he'll stray from his core messages.

What I am looking forward to is seeing how the Republicans will behave. After all, the party wasn't exactly on their best behavior the last time, were they Mr. Wilson?

I can only hope that when the President says something that causes the Democrats to robotically stand and cheer and whoop and holler while the Republicans sternly shake their heads and sit on their hands - and he inevitably will - that he calls both parties on it. "Hey, Democrats. You're still the majority. Do something more than clap... Hey Republicans. Don't stall progress just because a good idea came from the other party."

If he does that? Best... President... Ever!

If not, then a real change in Washington is not likely to come anytime soon.

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