September 27, 2009

Not as Le Bon as I Would Have Liked

At first, when I heard over the weekend that Duran Duran was about to release an “pro-environmental” ditty as part of a group led by Kofi Annan to “get the word out” on the dangers of climate change, I was excited. I just couldn’t wait to hear what confounding lyrics would spring from the mind of Simon Le Bon.

Alas, upon further review, the Duranies are simply one of 55 groups doing a “We are the World” type group sing-along, on a remake of Midnight Oil’s “Beds Are Burning.”

But how can I sleep when all those years of strange lyrics are now stuck in the forefront of my brain? I know, I’ll put some of them into a quiz for my dear blog readers --- and I apologize in advance if you’re humming some of these for the next few hours…

QUESTION 1: Girls on Film: "Lipstick cherry all over the lens ___."

A) And she's calling

B) As she's falling

C) She's enthralling

D) Watch her crawling

QUESTION 2: Is There Something I Should Know: "I made a break, I run out yesterday. Tried to find ____."

A) A girl like Doris Day

B) A moonlight holiday

C) My mountain hideaway

D) My place to get away

QUESTION 3: Rio: "Her name is Rio and she ____. Just like that river twisting through a dusty land."

A) Dances on the sand

B) Does the best she can

C) Needs another man

D) Really understands

QUESTION 4: Hungry Like the Wolf: "____, night is a wire. Steam in the subway, earth is afire."

A) A park with graffiti

B) Darken the city

C) Dokken is gritty

D) Shocking unpretty

QUESTION 5: The Reflex: "The reflex is in charge of ___ in the dark."

A) Finding treasure

B) Lighting passage

C) People's pleasure

D) Writing letters

QUESTION 6: New Moon on Monday: "Shake up the picture ___. With your dance on the eventide."

A) The ice cold picture

B) The lizard mixture

C) The sparkling fixture

D) With a little scripture

QUESTION 7: Union of the Snake: "There's a fine line _____. And I think it's about to break."

A) Along the tightrope, baby

B) Calling the people together

C) Drawing my senses together

D) Over the growing chasm

QUESTION 8: Notorious: "You own the money. You control ___."

A) Commitment

B) The Christmas

C) The prices

D) The witness

QUESTION 9: Wild Boys: "On the razors edge you trail. Because there's ____ by the roadside."

A) A burning bush

B) A woman

C) Murder

D) Yellow

QUESTION 10: Ordinary World: "What is happening to me? ____. Where is my friend when I need you most? Gone away."

A) Blazing orange-gray

B) Crazy, some'd say

C) On a lazy summer's day

D) What'd people say

Midnight Oil live at the Sydney Games

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