September 10, 2009

Brown is 1 in 5,245,786

All eyes were glued to the boob tube in England last night as Derren Brown worked his latest bit of magic.

For those not familiar with Brown, he’s a “mentalist” whose showmanship puts the likes of David Blaine and Criss Angel to shame. Certainly what he does is all trickery, as he is the first to readily admit, but that doesn’t make the performances any less interesting to watch. After all, it’s not so much that we think he actually is doing the things he claims to be doing – it’s trying to figure out exactly how he did it that is the fun part.

In the past, Brown has held séances to communicate with the dead, correctly predicted the winner of six consecutive horse races with his “foolproof system” and even hypnotized several respectable businesspeople, getting them to rob a bank. What’s more interesting to watch than his methods, which when revealed seem so obvious, but rather the willingness of the “volunteers” of his stunts to believe Brown can actually do things they know to be impossible.

On 9/9/09, Brown appeared live on BBC4, and “predicted” the winning lottery numbers from that evening’s national drawing. Obviously, there’s a trick to it, and it will be slap-your-forehead obvious – but I wonder if anyone out there will actually figure it out before Brown’s revelation…

Feel free to post your guesses below…


  1. I don't believe any of that junk he said about getting a crowd of people to guess. That was forty minutes of misdirecting lies and bullshit.

    I also doubt very much that he broke the law in the manner that his last explanation would seem to indicate.

    However, I have no fucking clue how he actually managed to change the balls in that 15-second period between the end of the draw and when he walked over to them.

    I guess that's the real genius of the thing.