May 19, 2010

LOST - Down to the Nitty Gritty

And then there was one...

Just a single episode left before we say farewell to one of the most engaging television shows in the history of the medium. I'll save my overall commentary about the way the writers chose to end the series until the mega-finale airs, since this penultimate episode felt a whole lot like the first part of a three parter. However, a few thoughts until then:

*The parallels to the Pilot episode are brilliantly done, from the opening shot of Jack's eye to having him be the one to stitch up Kate. Hoping for more...

*Love the Danielle line about kidnapping Ben. That's how you reward fans who have watched from the get-go without having to resort to grainy flashbacks.
*Miles and his "survival instinct" is pretty much the most realistic character trait on the show. None of this tacit acceptance of the mysterious goings-on or any need to know the answers to these mysteries. He just wants to get out of harm's way. Love him.

*They could show Michael Emerson reading a newspaper for the last two hours of the show, and I would be rapt. He puts on an acting master class each and every time he is on the screen.

*So far, the Lost "formula" for season-enders is being followed to a tee: all the characters are as far away from where they need to be by the final sequence as possible, and slowly but surely fate brings them all together at the right place at the right time. Consider me very optimistic for the farewell.

 So you say it's like I'm trapped in a bottle?

So how will it end? 

I still would love to see them all back on Oceanic 815 one last time just as they were in the first episode -- only this time with complete awareness of all they had been through -- all except for Jack, that is, who sits all alone on the beach looking skyward. The silence is broken by the appearance of his father, who sits beside him and asks him if it was all worth it.

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  1. I was thinking almost the exact same on a lot of what you said. Last night's episode was great. Things are moving quickly now and it's kind of exciting. They certainly have no problem with eliminating unnecessary characters.