May 25, 2010

From Beer to Eternity

For those of you with a free hour on your hands tonight, since there's clearly no new episode of LOST to occupy your viewing schedule, may I suggest you take a few minutes to check out my good buddy Sam's new series of videos entitled, From Beer to Eternity.

In his own words: "As a comic, I started seeking out brewpubs whenever I was on the road.  Often, over frosty mugs, glasses, steins or yards of heavenly brew, I began to wonder: who are these mad, geniuses making this beer?  Where are their lairs we call 'craft breweries?'  And what is the alchemy in these sacred labs that makes these beers so special? So I’m hitting the highways and backroads to find out and I’m’s taking you with me. I’m going to travel…. From Beer to Eternity."

So, grab a brew, take a look at his fine work, and be sure to spread the word.

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