February 11, 2011


As I write this, James Randi is very much alive. He shouldn't be, of course, since he has been taking fatal doses of sleeping pills on a regular basis. Of course, these aren't any ordinary old sleeping pills -- they are homeopathic sleeping pills, and hence, worthless. Yet that hasn't stopped pharmacies around the United States from actually selling these fraudulent products right alongside real medicine.

What do you mean you're not getting sleepy?

It may sound "quaint" to try taking a homeopathic remedy, calling back the nostalgia of "Grandma's chicken soup," but these so-called medicines are dangerous -- not because they can hurt you, but because they don't do anything at all. They are created by diluting any active ingredients to the point where they no longer exist in the mixture, for all intents and purposes. 

Imagine you put a tiny speck of aspirin into a glass of water and stirred it up, then poured that glass into a pitcher of water, then poured that pitcher into your swimming pool and took a sip... according to the proponents of homeopathy, that sip will cure your headache better than actually ingesting an entire pill of aspirin. 

And if you have a serious illness that does need to be treated with drugs, wasting your time with these nonsensical homeopathic "cures" might delay you from getting needed medical attention. As the video below says better than I ever could, homeopathy (as well as other psychic nonsense) is truly a very dangerous thing:

(Feel free to skip ahead after the introductory remarks to 11:44 or so for the Homeopathy rant.)

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