January 6, 2011

Mob Mentality

There's two ways to look at the phenomena of flash mobs. On the one hand, these "drive-by, surprise performance attacks" point out glaring weaknesses in the capability of government to truly protect us from a well-planned terrorist attack.

I mean, if groups of motivated people can secretly organize over the internet to meet in a well-trafficked public location, strike quickly with a choreographed set of actions that escalate quickly, and then disperse into the shadows from whence they came -- and each time the event comes as a "shock" to onlookers that almost always include law enforcement, then imagine what tragedy might occur if the weapon of choice of these flash mobs was actual guns instead of merely "throwing your guns in the air and waving like you just down care."

Even more pathetic is this inept CBS report about late-night street fights in Philadelphia that lumps these playful flash mobs in with people who are simply out to fight… and yet, the lack of ability to stop these "events" could well be a cause for despair…

And yet, I choose to look on the bright side of things. The more often that flash mobs that take place on such a large scale, the more obvious it is that the terrorists who seek to destroy "our way of life" are not nearly as organized or capable of causing havoc to our everyday lives as we have been led to believe. Otherwise, they'd have pulled something off by now -- because clearly, even the Great and Powerful Ryan Seacrest is unable to defend himself from being victimized by these nefarious evildoers. 

Is there no end to the Scope of this terror?

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  1. AJ, big fan of the blog (and the Ryan Seacrest call out) but I would recommend you change the background color from black, it makes it harder to see