January 5, 2011

The Balance of Power

"Reading this blog makes you 74 percent smarter."

Of course, I have no proof to back up this claim, but so what? Clearly if enough people say it is true, then it must be true, right? How else can you explain the mountains of cash that Power Balance has made selling their completely useless bracelets? They say their product works. They get famous athletes to say it works. Therefore, it works? 

We're getting the bands back together!

Bold claims, such as saying that a cheap piece of plastic can suddenly improve a person's energy, strength and athletic performance simply by being worn, require significant amounts of proof.  And yet, what is the "proof" that the company, which recently was forced to admit that "there is NO credible scientific evidence that supports our claims"? 

Apparently, it is a video where athletes like Matthew Stafford, who coincidentally injured the shoulder of the arm he wore the bracelet on this season, are going to show you how the bracelet helps them... unfortunately, as you will see, that part of the "testing" doesn't manage to make the final edit... 

So, to review: Our product works. To prove it, we'll test it on famous people. And then not show you the results, but ask you to buy our product and test it yourself. 

Nice scam... but I'll let the actual results speak for themselves:

"This product gets me tremendous results... there is no doubt I feel much better with the product on... (it) is going to get me to the next level." -- Scott Kazmir, two-time resident of the disabled list in 2010, in danger of not making the Angels rotation for 2011.

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