August 28, 2009

How Much Would You Pay...

I apologize for the late post today, as a really bad electrical storm blew past this morning (with Round 2 no doubt on the horizon as we speak) and we were left with no phone, no light – alright we had the motorcar – but not the internet, which I consider to be quite the luxury. Perhaps it wasn’t as primitive as Robinson Crusoe, but nevertheless, it was a frustrating three-hour tour.

Forced to read the local newspaper – and that’s not a dig on reading, which I do enjoy; rather a sad commentary of the schlockiness of the Press of Atlantic City – my jaw dropped in horror upon reading some of the ticket prices being charged by the local casinos to see the latest batch of bands, singers, comedians and other entertainment headed into town. It’s not that I was surprised by the prices themselves, which generally tend to average around $35/seat for acts with smaller followings, $50/seat for more-mainstream acts, and $100/seat and up reserved for the cream of the crop, and “legends” like Robin Williams (prices ranging from $175-$245).

No, what stunned me was the names of some of the artists who were given “A-List” status, whose asking price seemed ludicrous to me, in relation to some “cheaper tickets” for acts I’d assume would be able to fetch far more per seat on the open market. Not that the high-priced acts aren’t talented, but it’s a relative thing. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t surmise how $45 can get you in to see ZZ Top, when Journey (sans Steve Perry, no less) requires you to spend over twice as much.

$95 for Arnel Pineda? Maybe if they sang this version of the song...

But maybe I’m way off base. Perhaps my personal tastes have clouded my judgment. Why don’t you be the jury on this? I’m going to give you several grouping of performers, and you try and put them in order of "cheapest ticket" to "highest ticket" for a front-row seat.

No fair using Ticketmaster as your “phone-a-friend.”

Feel free to post your guesses for all to see in the comments section below… and I’ll post the answers on Monday.

Comedy Group 1

Demetri Martin

Jim Breuer

Richard Lewis/Susie Essman

Tracy Morgan

Comedy Group 2

Carlos Mencia

Chelsea Handler

Dane Cook

Jeff Ross/Dom Irrera

Female Singers/Bands

Demi Lovato

Kelly Clarkson

Melissa Etheridge

The Pointer Sisters

Male Singers/Bands

Blink 182


Englebert Humperdink

Rob Thomas

“Rock” Group 1

Blue Oyster Cult

KC and the Sunshine Band

Loggins and Messina

Rick Springfield

“Rock” Group 2

Black Crowes

Heaven & Hell (some of Black Sabbath minus Ozzy, plus Ronnie James Dio)

Pet Shop Boys

Counting Crows

The Leftovers

“Hypno-Sterical” – purported ‘hysterically funny hypnotist’

KISS, not the real performers, just a tribute band

Real Housewives of New Jersey, to chat about their reality show

Sylvia Browne, alleged psychic

Good luck!


  1. Eileen Sarett-CuasayAugust 28, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    I sincerely hope Melissa Etheridge commands more money than Kelly Clarkson, but I'm not holding my breath.

  2. I want to throw out there that my guesses don't reflect how I would rank the bands/performers, only how I think the casinos would rank them. (Also, I was born in the 80's, so if I horribly misjudged some of the older groups don't laugh!)

    Comedy Group 1: L/E, Breuer, Martin, Morgan
    Comedy Group 2: Handler, Ross (best roaster ever!), Mencia, Cook
    Female Singers: Sisters, Lovato, Ethridge, Clarkson
    Male Singers: Humperdink, Daughtry (they're Nickelback in disguise, right?), Thomas, Blink 182
    Rock 1: L and M, Springfield, BOC, KC
    Rock 2: Black Crowes, PSB, HnH, Counting Crows
    Leftovers: Sylvia Browne, Hypno-Sterical, KISS, Real Housewives