June 30, 2010

Schedule Unknown

And yet, nobody is watching YOU.

Here's the thing, NBC. I wanted to give this show a chance. A group of strangers wake up in an otherwise deserted town, each of them having been kidnapped and with no idea why they are there, or where "there" actually is.

It's the brainchild of Christopher McQuarrie  of "The Usual Suspects" fame, and promises to be only a summer mini-series of sorts, with a promise to wrap up the story by the time it is over, so there's no long-term commitment, other than tuning in each Monday at 10 pm for a few weeks when there's nothing else on to watch... OK, NBC, I'm in.

Except, this past Monday, even though the listings in my local paper clearly showed "Last Comic Standing" from 8 pm - 10 pm and "Persons Unknown" at 10 pm, for some reason known only to the network, they decided to flip-flop the shows while keeping it pretty hush-hush. 

What makes the decision even more confusing is that after airing two hours of generally generic and unfunny comedians on Monday, NBC opted to rerun half of the same semifinal showcase on Tuesday at 10 pm. 

So basically, anyone who was watching "Persons Unknown" have now missed an hour and are unlikely to return, and anyone who had set their DVRs to record the originally scheduled  two hours of "LCS" missed the second hour, and yet the network chose to rerun the FIRST hour again the following night, only with the "results" tacked on in the last five minutes.

Great job, guys. You should be... well, you know...


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