July 27, 2009

That’s NOT What I am Talking About…

If there’s one expression that needs to go the way of the dinosaur, and with all due haste – this is the one: “THAT’S what I’m talking about!” Seriously, does anyone know who introduced this phrase into the sphere of public consciousness? Because whoever did has an enormous butt-kicking coming their way.

First of all, by this time, not only is the phrase incredibly overused and unoriginal, but it’s annoying. Cheer for your team. I’ve got no problem with that. “Your guys” just scored a touchdown to beat “my guys”? More power to you. But here’s what gets my proverbial goat – In 999 out of 1000 times this phrase is used… that’s NOT what you were talking about – it’s the exact opposite.

“Look at these Eagles… they suck. Donovan McNabb needs to retire. He can’t throw the ball anymore. Andy Reid is a lousy play caller. He needs to be fired. And what kind of receivers does this team have since T.O. left? Nobody! They all suck. This teams sucks. The Eagles suck…”

(At this point, Donovan McNabb drops back and heaves a 75-yard bomb down the field to Jason Avant for a touchdown and the crowd erupts.)

“… THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

No, sir… It wasn’t.

In fact, it just disproved everything you have been whining and moaning about for the past hour or so.

Please go away. That is the course of action that best describes the gist of MY discourse thus far.

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